yard service request

Weed Killer                                         $5 per cup *includes tax

Are those pesky weeds creating a problem? We can help with that also. We can apply the weed killer for you for only $5 per cup of weed killer.

Standard Yard Care                          $30 per hour *includes tax

Don't need lawn care services every month? We can help with those specialized tasks. No matter the size of the job, we have something that fits your needs.

This plan includes:

  • No monthly service required
  • Rates calculated in half hour increments for smaller jobs.
  • Invoiced after job completion (does not require a credit card on file)

 Prepaid Yard Care                                     $25 per hour *includes tax

If you want a well-manicured yard every month, our Guaranteed Plan is for you. With a discounted hourly rate of just $25 an hour, this plan will fit in any budget.

This plan includes:

  • A Minimum of one lawn care service a month.
  • A discounted hourly rate (requires a credit card on file with us)
  • Personalized lawn care services.

yard care Services

It is our mission to offer our residents affordable yard care services to relieve the burden of maintaining your own yard. We offer whole yard care or specialty tasks depending on your need.  No job is too small. Each service call begins with a private consult with our friendly staff member prior to each job. The job is not finished until you are satisfied with the work. All services end with the sweeping of a blower on residents carport area and yard.  We also handle the removal of all debris from services.