The following Rules and Regulations are provided for the control of use of the premises at Cedar Glen RV Park to the end that Guest's may enjoy a pleasant community atmosphere and to establish the rights and responsibilities of Guest and Management.  These Rules and Regulations shall apply to all Guest's of Cedar Glen RV Park, their families and Visitors. 


  • All units may be inspected by management prior to check-in to assure the unit is in good condition. 
  • Cedar Glen reserves the right to refuse service to any RV that does not meet the parks standards. See Recreational Vehicle Standards; Section 18 of the Cedar Glen RV Park Rules.
  • No Subletting of RV or RV lot.


  • A space deposit is required in advance to reserve a site. 
  • Refunds for cancellations/changes will be issued with at least 7 days notice in advance of scheduled date of arrival, less a $10.00 handling fee.  No Refunds within less than 7 days of scheduled date of arrival.  No Refunds for early departure under any circumstances.
  • Cedar Glen RV Park operates on two seasonal structures. November 1st through April 31st is our off season when we offer monthly, weekly and daily site rentals.  May 1st through October 31st is our peak season when we only offer daily/week site rentals. No long-term residency is authorized.
  • Sites requests are not guaranteed.  You may be asked to move sites during your stay to optimize reservations or complete bi-annual maintenance on the site.
  • We will deny reservation requests from anyone requesting to use a third party (i.e. towing company) to move their RV onto our site.  Guest must be able to demonstrate that they can move their unit at any time.


  • Check-in time is 2 pm. 
  • Earliest check-in available is noon and must be pre-arranged with early check-in fee collected prior to arrival.
  • Guests must submit registration within 24 hours of arrival. Rental of site will be terminated upon expiration of current paid rental period (not reservation) if registration standards are not met.
  • Payment of park fees acknowledges guests has read and understands Cedar Glen RV Park rules and regulations and agrees to comply.


  • Check-out time is 11 am.
  • Late check-out is available until noon and must be pre-arranged with late check-out fee collected prior to 11 am on check-out date.
  • Failure to exit RV site by 11 am, on assigned exit date will result in penalty of Daily rate (no discounts) plus 50% penalty assessed at noon on assigned exit date.
  • Failure to exit RV site prior to noon, on assigned exit date, may result in relocation fees for next reservation (If No Vacancy) and/or $25 administrative fee.
  • Failure to exit site 24 hours after assigned exit date, guests RV will be towed and impounded by Kitsap Towing (360) 297-8600.  Poulsbo Impound Lot location 23719 Stottlemeyer RD NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370.


  • The office is open to foot traffic Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8 am to noon.  The park is fully staffed Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Please conduct business during office hours.
  • All rents and fees for other park services are payable in advance, based on daily, weekly, or monthly rates.
  • All Guests are invoiced on-line seven (7) days prior to their anniversary date.  Payment is expected to be made on-line through the QuickBooks invoicing system by due date or upon pull-in.
  • Delinquent payment shall be any rental not paid on or before the anniversary date of check-in.  Anniversary date is assigned on date of collection of first payment.  A penalty of $20 will be assessed if rent is not received by 11 a.m., 2 days following assigned anniversary date.  A penalty of $5 per day thereafter shall be assessed against all tenants paying late.
  • Rent may be paid by credit card or cash.  No checks.
  • Guests staying longer than 30 days during Off Season must set up their own electric account with Puget Sound Energy (1-888-225-5773).   Note:  Guest’s failure to set up an electric account with PSE within their first month (30 days) of stay will result in their rental rate being back dated and converted to a daily/weekly rate until proof of an electric account is presented to management.
  • Management shall not be responsible for interruption of any utility service.  Utilities may be disconnected temporarily from time to time for repair, alterations or additions to any utility system.  No one shall impede or obstruct access to any manhole, utility line or meter.
  • COMPLIMENTARY Wi-Fi access is provided.  Wi-Fi speed is impacted by the usage of others.  Generally, usage is high between 5:00 PM and 12:00 AM. We do NOT guarantee Wi-Fi access at every site due to interference from larger units with private Wi-Fi networks.  Our system is designed to support email, messaging and similar communication activities.  NOT for streaming or downloading.
  • All sites have Cable and Internet hook-ups.  Guests must contact CenturyLink or Comcast to set up their own account for these private services.  Private services are not included in your rental fee.


  • Garbage service is provided at no extra cost.  Guests must use specific trash and recycling receptacle(s).  Please bag your trash for easier pick-up.  Put trash inside container(s).  KEEP AREA CLEAN!!!
  • Trash and recycling service provided for common household waste only.  Cardboard must be broken down.
  • No disposal of large items including but not limited to mattresses, cabinetry, carpeting, tanks of any kind, appliances, barbecues, etc.


  • Each lot is provided one postal box and one postal box key.  Do not send mail to the office.  Guest is responsible for forwarding all mail upon move-out.  Cedar Glen is not responsible for lost or stolen mail.
  • For sites 98-125, your mailing address is 16301 State Highway 305 NE, Site #.  
  • For sites 1A-8A, your mailing address is 16300 State Highwau 305 NE, Site #_A.
  • Mailbox key must be returned prior to exiting site, 11 am on check-out date. 
  • Key replacement fee of $25 charged.


  • RV’s must be parked in accordance to the park manager’s instructions.  The Guest is responsible for proper connections for sewer, power and water.  If assistance is needed, please contact management.
  • Sewer connections – Use of a sidewinder or equivalent product is mandated.  Sewer hose must never lie directly on the ground, for proper drainage.
  • Guests may wash their RV unit on-site.  No other maintenance of any kind allowed.
  • No unsightly storage will be allowed on the lot and no rubbish will be allowed to accumulate.  No tarps, tents or screen rooms allowed.
  • The park must be kept clean and neat in appearance at all times.
  • Management does have the right to insist guest maintains the exterior of their RV’s in a presentable and otherwise proper condition.
  • Pursuant to RCW 59.20.130(7), Management shall have the right to enter any lot within the community at any reasonable time for maintenance of utilities and to ensure compliance with applicable codes, statues, ordinances, administrative rules, and the rental agreement and rules of the community.


  • No propane tanks larger than 120 gallons.
  • Guest must obtain written permission from Cedar Glen prior to delivery. Cedar Glen requires a two-week (14 day) response time to all requests.
  • Submit a copy of the rental/lease contract of tank to the Cedar Glen office within 24 hours of delivery.  Contract must identify the agency contact info, full account number and terms of rental/lease agreement.  If park reservation is less than 6 months, the term end-date must be identified on the contract for prompt retrieval of tank.
  • Tank must be placed within the gravel boundary of the site at the closest point of propane connection to the RV.
  • Tank must be identified as containing propane with caution signage.
  • Rental of site will be terminated upon expiration of current paid rental period (not reservation) if the above standards are not met.
  • Tank must be removed from site prior to exiting, no exceptions.  
  • If tank is not removed prior to exiting the site, the tenant will be charged the non-discounted daily rate (plus tax) until the tank is removed (11 am cut-off to determine daily), no exceptions.  Collection of this violation fee does not authorize occupancy of site in the event of violation of any of the above standards.


  • No Guest owned storage sheds permitted.
  • Cedar Glen does provide storage sheds on select lots.  Anyone paying monies to rent a park owned shed agrees to obtain written permission prior to any modifications (i.e. shelving, electrical, etc.).  Minimum fine of $100 assessed for any alterations or debris left in shed after checking out.  Labor is charged at $100 per hour, plus material cost to restore shed to previous condition.  
  • It is agreed that all storage units shall be used for the purpose of storage only.


  • If modified stairs or ramps are used by Guest to access RV they must be manufactured and sold on the retail market and stamped to be ADA compliant.  Modified stairs or ramps must be secured and set-up according to manufacturer's specifications.  Proof of ADA compliance and/or manufacturers specifications may be requested at any time.
  • Guest must obtain written permission from Cedar Glen prior to delivery or assembly. Cedar Glen requires a two-week (14 day) response time to all requests.


  •  All above ground water pipes must be protected from freezing with adequate heat tape and wrapped with insulation.  Winterization should be completed no later than November 1st.
  • If your water connection does freeze, please notify management.  Tampering with your water hook-up in any way that causes damage to the park utility will result in a repair fee of $125 per hour during business hours and/or $250 per hour after normal business hours.  This fee is assessed until the water system if fully restored and may include time/supplies needed to repair hook-up and landscaping damaged by water flow.
  • No winterizing panels, draft panels, skirting or other personal constructed devices allowed on unit or lot.  Windows may be insulated from interior of the RV unit only and must not be distracting.
  • Water holding tanks should be filled in case of power outages.  Cedar Glen operates on a private well, no power means no water.
  • Awnings should be used with care and not left unattended.  Heavy wind, rain or snow can damage them.


  • Generator may only be used in the event of power outages.


  • The community maintains quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. through 8:00 a.m. during which time radios and other devices are to operate at low volume so as not to disturb neighbors
  • Disorderly conduct, abusive language or activities which unreasonably disturb or interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of any part the community, or which violates any government statute, ordinance, regulation or rule shall not be permitted.  Federal, state, local laws and regulations shall be adhered to by Guests.
  • There shall be no trespassing on other lots.  All Guests shall be held responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their visitors.
  • No loud parties or other excessive noises allowed.
  • Fireworks are not allowed on the premises
  • No wood fires on lots.  Propane grills and propane fire pits must be used according to manufacturer specs.  Propane fire pits cannot be used under RV awning or on lawns.
  • No use of recreational equipment related to archery, sling shots, paint guns or laser tag on premises.


  • If Guest is leaving their RV unit un-occupied for an extended leave of stay, forty-eight (48) hours or more.  Guest must disconnect water service from RV unit and advise management of their departure and arrival date.  Guest must provide management with a local emergency contact name and phone number to contact in event of emergency, natural disaster or large weather event.


  • Children must stay on their own lot, or designated play area.  They must be kept under control at all times.  Parental supervision is required at all times.
  • The same ruling applies to visiting children.  It is the Guest’s responsibility to inform Visitors.
  • No swing sets or playground equipment of any kind allowed.
  • The gravel provided on RV sites is not a toy.  Throwing, stacking, digging or mounding of gravel anywhere on lot is considered damage to lot.


  • VISITORS: "Visitor" of authorized Guest or occupants may visit at any time.  Visitors who stay overnight on park property in excess of forty-eight (48) continuous or cumulative hours must register themselves and their vehicle with management PRIOR to any extended stay as a condition of continued occupancy (overnight) on park property.  Any Visitor who fails to register with management shall be considered an unauthorized trespasser.
  • All Guests and Visitors are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the Park.  Guests shall so advise their Visitors and shall provide to such visitors a copy of the rules and regulations.
  • ALL Visitors must park in our guest parking area.


  • Cedar Glen welcomes all Guests with pets and asks that you review our policy regarding pet control.
  • All animals must have Management approval, be registered and pet deposit of $100 (credit card only) paid upon check-in. Payment of pet deposit acknowledges Guest has read and understands park pet policy and agrees to comply.
  • No "vicious" animals allowed in the park.  Noisy or unruly pets, or those causing complaints, will not be allowed to remain in the park.
  • Pets must be kept leashed and under control at all times.
  • No permanent outside pens, cages, fences or dog runs allowed.  Temporary use of outside pens or long leashes is only allowed with supervision of pet owner.  When not in use, these containment devices must be stored out of site.
  • Pets must be walked by a responsible person to pick up after then immediately.  Pets must be aired on their own lot, designated pet area or off park property.
  • Pet policy applies to designated pet area.
  • Pet owners must keep their lot free of droppings and odors.  If animal causes damage to lot, guest will be billed a minimum $50 fee per hour, plus material cost to restore lot to previous condition.
  • Pets are not permitted in any park buildings.
  • The following is a list of the most common pet control issues and the fees that accompany them.
    • Failure to pick up animal waste, $25 per incident (plus tax).
    • Failure to control animal (barking, leash control), $25 per incident (plus tax).
    • Damage to lot (i.e., digging, excessive grass burns, fencing or timber damage), $50 per hour plus supplies (plus tax).
    • Animal biting, nipping, chasing incident or attack, immediate vacate notice.
  • All citations are in writing with an incident date, description and fee if applicable.  Fees are automatically charged from the customers deposit on file.  
  • After three (3) violations, guest will be served with an immediate vacate notice twenty-four (24) hours.  No refund on rent collected or pet deposit for non-compliance.
  • All deposits collected by credit card are refunded back to Guests credit card once site is vacated and inspected for damage.  A refund receipt will be emailed to guest within 48 business hours of Guest's departure.
  • Pet waste stations are highlighted in red on the RV Park map.  These designate approved pet waste disposal areas.  Please do not place pet waste in the bathhouse, laundry room or any other unspecified area.


  • Speed limit is 10 miles per hour.  Please observe to protect the children and pets.  Please caution your Visitors.
  • Parking is allowed in designated parking area only.  Parking on the grass, beside or behind unit is not permitted. Split rail fencing identifies the boundary between vehicle parking area and RV lot. Do not block driveways.
  • Only operative conventional automobiles are allowed.  Motorcycles or minibikes are allowed only for transportation to and from the community.  Joy riding through the community is prohibited.
  • No mechanical overhauling or oil changing permitted on the lot.  No exceptions.
  • Not more than two vehicles per space, including motorcycles.  No car parts or wrecked cars permitted on premises.  All vehicles must be registered with Management with current licensing tabs.  Vehicles not registered after notice, may be towed at owner’s expense.
  • No recreational vehicles allowed to be stored on space. This includes boats, ATVs, dirt bikes, golf carts, enclosed trailers, large car dollies, etc. No washing of recreational vehicles on lot.
  • Vehicles found to be leaking fluids of any kind must be removed from premises within twenty-four (24) hours of citation.  If vehicle leak causes damage to lot, guest will be charged $100 per hour (minimum), plus material cost to restore lot to previous condition. 
  • Vehicles not moved twenty-four (24) hours after notice by management will be subject to towing at vehicle owner’s risk and expense.  If you are expecting numerous guests, please notify park management and additional parking will be arranged for you.
  • Contracted towing company is Kitsap Towing.


  • Only name brand manufactured units; no conversions.  Good running condition.  Must be licensed with current tabs.  Only self-supporting units.  Heating, cooling, water and septic must operate as specified by manufacturer.  No leaking of fluids.  Must be self-contained.  Must be clean.  No moss or mildew.  Paint must be in good condition.  No large dents or chips.  No loose or missing siding on unit or slide outs.  Slide outs must be operational and properly supported by manufacturer's specification. No exposed insulation.  No flat tires.  Rims and covers must be uniform around unit.  No broken/cracked or missing glass on unit.  Awnings must be safe, operational and free of rips or tears.


  • A laundry room is provided for Guest’s convenience.  Rules in regard to use are posted there.  Clothes drying lines on individual lots are not permitted.  No pets of any kind are allowed in the building.
  • Children must be under parental supervision while laundering facilities are in use.  They must not be allowed to run loose outside.     
  • There is a recreational hall for organized use.  Activity dates and times are listed in our office.  
  • Bathhouse: for security purposes we ask all users of our bathhouse facility to accompany anyone under the age of 18 years.
  • There is NO SMOKING in any of our facilities!
  • The clubhouse, laundry, restroom and equipment furnished on these grounds are solely for the convenience of the Guests.  All persons using the same do so at their own risk.  Cedar Glen Mobile Home Park will not be held responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of any property by fire, wind, floods, or any act which is beyond its control.


  • Guests are not permitted to make any changes to the lot or landscaping.  No digging, stakes, posts, bricks, gravel, dirt, grass seed, etc.  No decorative fence borders or securing of objects to park owned landscape or fencing.  No more than four potted plants per lot.  Guests may not modify the site or greenbelt in anyway.
  • No placement of plants or objects on grass for long periods of time, it kills or damages the vegetation. Day use of objects on the grass is allowed.
  • A minimum fee of $100 for labor plus cost of supply will be charged for any lot damage that occurs during stay.  Examples of fee charges include, but not limited to, damage, alteration or abuse of fencing, vegetation, parking area or any structures on lot.
  • All cords, cables, hoses and outdoor rugs must be neatly coiled and out of the way of the grounds crew and may not extend over lawn areas.
  • PLAYGROUND & RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT: Under no circumstances shall Guest place swimming pools, wading pools, hot tubs, saunas, swing sets, jungle gyms, slides, sandboxes, basketball hoops or similar equipment on lot.
  • FERTILIZING & BUG CONTROL: Fertilizer and bug control may be applied to lots at any time, without notice.
  • SEMI-ANNUAL LOT MAINTENANCE: Lot must be vacant every six months for semi-annual maintenance.  Failure to accommodate reasonable requests to temporarily relocate to another site for maintenance will result in remainder of reservation being canceled with a check out date upon expiration of current payment cycle.
  • IRRIGATION: The park provides "Y" hook-ups for an extra water hook-up for park irrigation of lot.  This "Y" connection should not be altered, removed or used by resident in the summer months.  DO NOT tamper with the park irrigation connection or irrigation system on your site.  Questions or concerns about the irrigation on your lot should be directed towards Cedar Glen management in the office.


  • Public access, businesses, commercial enterprises, day care services or door-to-door solicitation shall not be permitted within the community.


  • Any Guest who wishes to sell or replace their existing unit must notify management fifteen (15) days prior to exchange. 
  • When RV unit is sold, the existing reservation is cancelled effective the date of sale.
  • A new reservation must be made to continue stay on lot in Park, no exceptions.
  • Existing reservation will not be transferred to the buyer of the RV unit.



  • To partially compensate for the administrative costs involved in serving delinquent rent, rules violations, or any other legal notices, each time such a notice is required; Guest's will be charged a service fee of $10.00 or the actual cost of the notice (if outside service is used), whichever is greater.  This charge will be in addition to late charges, returned check charges, or any other fees incurred.


  • This property is PRIVATELY OWNED land.  The right to “evict without notice” any objectionable person or persons who cause a disturbance or become a nuisance is reserved.  The management is sole judge of such conditions and the need for such action. 


  • In the event Park is required to expend attorneys’ fees or costs to enforce the rules and regulations of Park, Park may, at its election, charge same to the violating Guest.  In the event Park does assess such attorneys’ fees and/or costs to the violating Guest, such fees and costs shall be considered “additional rent” and shall be collected in the same means and manner as rent.


  •   As permitted under the Mobile Home Landlord Tenant Act, Management shall have the right to amend these rules provided adequate notice is given.

RV Park Rules